About Queen City Comic and Card

The Queen City Comic and Card Company opened on Montgomery Road in Pleasant Ridge (slightly north of Cincinnati, Ohio) in May of 1987 and quickly grew into the largest comic book and collectible shop in the area. We added our Fairfield location(farther north of Cincinnati, Ohio)  in the fall of 1996. Our goal is to provide our customers with a large and diverse selection of comic books, trading cards, movie posters, and toys. We are constantly obtaining new inventory and are always in the market to purchase quality collections.

Our stores carry a full line of new and back issue comics, trade paperbacks and graphic novels, as well as collecting supplies, magazines, trading cards, toys, and movie posters.  We display about 50,000 back issues at each store plus have a back stock inventory of around 500,000 books.

Start a Pull-List

At both Queen City Comic and Card locations, we offer the option to keep a File for our customers. A File is a list of the comics you get every month, except we go ahead and set them aside just for you. The benefit of having a File, besides never missing an issue of your favorite book(s), is the discount that goes along with it. Keeping a File is free and there is no minimum number of books, and you can pick up your books weekly, monthly or at your convenience.

Featured on Toy Hunter

Jordan and Rob from The Toy Hunter talking with Geoff at the Pleasant Ridge location about one of the rarest Star Wars figures ever, the unreleased Rocket Firing Boba Fett.